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Growing Transition
I have to ask
                  you a very serious question.              Do
you still                                                  remember?   Most
                 of my memories are                                lost  with
the shards we                      swept under
the rug           years ago. Fact
          and Fantasy decided
to blur                                with Time.               I'm left
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 5 6
Her back has been curved since
you learned your baby steps in her
arms. You learned
to run and left --
never looking
back at what you left behind. Inside
she was broken, finding
faith in other children; like you
running from their lives, leaving empty
homes and hearts. You
scorn her for trying
in her way to keep you
safe. So she tries to push,
so she tries to bring you
back. You turn away again.
For a life that loathes
you as much as you did
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The Singapore Flyer end of the day costume by meganapostol The Singapore Flyer end of the day costume :iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 1 0
Don't Look at Me, I'm Drowning
When I close my eyes,
I am in an ocean of darkness.
The tips of waves crashing down
form patterns like light sweeping along
the porcelain bottom of a swimming pool.
I've had this trauma since I was 5,
since the water and the current nearly dragged me in
and all I could do was cling
to something -- fish, water, myself, someone else --
because I was being dragged down by the nothingness.
It terrifies me every night,
every time,
but it's my calming place
my resting place.
The only peace and mercy my body shows me after another demonic day.
It's an anesthesia of terror, but I don't mind;
it's a promise of an end.
If I put just enough pressure on my eyes, push it in just hard enough,
I am in a galaxy with
stars and spirals and space and
the pervading noise of silence. With
infinite explosions in a universe I can never completely trap in words.
Just like my life,
just like my words,
just like poetry and chocolate and breathing.
THIS is living -- drowning
in every sensation and feeling
that b
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All the real men died in 1995
They said come on boys
Your country needs you
Take up your arms
You know what you ought to do
Set aside your guitars and your dice
Leave them broken for the Lord of the Flies
Maybe I'm just Cherry Cola
Maybe you're Vanilla Sprite
We know the human race is over
Cause all the real men died
in 1995
They said your father was a man
But he left you no examples
Momma raised you on a woman's princeiple
It didn't give you the courage you needed
You were just one of those boys that left the whole world bleeding
Maybe I'm just Cherry Cola
Maybe you're Vanilla Sprite
We know the human race is over
Cause all the real men died
Maybe I'm just overthinking
Maybe we're victims of the blind
The world as we know it
Is exploding
Cause all the real men died
in 1995
Chivalry is dead
So's Marie Antoinette
For cutting the cake
Through the Bloody Sunday face
And activism says fight for equality
So whip your women like your men for the sake of the economy
I don't subscribe to this edition
I don't remember askin
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 2 0
Trapped in the Church
There is no respite from the tain
It slakes down as concrete walls
threatening to blast apart the very foundations of our world.
Their whispered pomises aren't always empty. They will follow through.
The humidity is oppressive enough to trap the tension
of dozens of families waiting for the storm to subside
and hold it against them until they
or faint
or die
because we weren't meant to be contained in this way.
Babies cry while the thunder refuses to relent.
Bits of concrete swirl around with the flood,
specks of plaster trickle downto join them,
blocking the drain from letting the water wash away.
It comes down on top of all of us--
around all of us--
trapping us in where we should be liberated.
It drones on around us
like the never-ending hymn of shells
emptying out magazines in the midst of war.
What else is there to do
but to sit down in silent respect
of others' rights to genuflect
while the army continues to tear apart the seams
of this supposed "sanctuary".
Dry coughing in
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Things that go bump in the light
I had that nightmare again.
The one where a spiderclaw loomed just dangerously out of reach of my body,
suddenly snapping down, inches from my skin.
It didn't have any hair, it was barbed wih thorns
rusted over with dried blood and crawling
infestations of demon-bugs adorned it.
And they loved animal prints? Stray thought...
Shifting layers, scales and colours--
all enough to entrance and hypnotize,
paralyze enough to
So it took up its' macabre dance.
A stab through the cheek,
embedding the equivalent of nations,
running through the veins until
the blood refused to trickle through the open wound--
preferring instead to thob
until each vessel spontaneously decided to explode
within itself, slowly sucking away
piece by piece till nothing is left.
I woke up and realised
it was just the city and my life.
I had that nightmare again.
The one where the air was a symphony of blades,
the cold would howl and you couldn't
even hear yourself think.
So loud that you didn't know
if your heart
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How long had I been running? God knows I can't stop, it's right behind me. The hulking sound of snapping branches, of heaving breath, the overwhelming terror of being captured overruled all traces of fatigue. True fear was kept at bay for a mere few inches, no more. But adrenaline and self-preservation, despite the miracles they can achieve, would only last for so long. Desperaton would only drive a body so far, then humanity kicks in an all hope is lost.
"I only want to love you," a threat more than a promise. Eternal vows that I ever exchanged but, nevertheless, shackled me. I could hardly force myself to even pretend to willingly submit to this nightmare, no duty bound me to it. Yet here I was.
Jaws of ice snapped at all my nerves, jolting the blood to alertness and making my heart pump faster than ever. I had to get away, had to find somewhere to hide, had to find safety, had to... had to... After a while, the brain ceases to function its' cognitive thinking. Pure instinct dominate
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 2 0
Dragonfly Girl
You never did like butterflies--
too dainty,
too delicate,
too fragile.
You told me their wings
would chip off into the wind.
Just like the shards of hearts
Scattered all over your little garden now,
they didn't hold you up
Like the immaculate masts
of veins thrumming with power, thundering across the skies
leaving the rest of the world
to snuggle under their wide expanse of shadow.
What did you mean to smother us with?
Tenderness? Fear? Grief?
Nobody gingerly treads through the blades of grass anymore.
What you left behind is too overwhelming --
everything else is a tiny papercut.
The nicks you let take your place,
there are thousands of them now.
They come in droves everyday
and they never fully close --
they can bleed us to death with you too.
Maybe that's the kind of peace we need
so we can let our bated breaths out
to finally be at ease.
So how fair is it that you stole life
from those of us cursed with this ground?
You were the dragon,
never the princess.
A fire sparkled within y
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 7 7
Pledging Prisons in Pinafores
I will
Raise my hand, like a good girl,
Raise my voice when I know what is right,
Raise my head, like I am above shame
Raise my heart when I must show my loyalty,
Raise my soul in gracious surrender
in all and for all that I do.
Honore et Fidelitate.
I promise
to never lift a cigarette, promise
to never touch a drink, promise
to never take a narcotic, promise
to never lose myself, promise
to never kiss a boy, promise
to never learn to trust.
Fascilis Descensus Averni Est.
I swore that I never
Wanted to fall in love, never
wanted to be in a relationship, never
wanted to get married, never
wanted to have kids, never
wanted to trust a soul.
The price of a life
Comes at much too high a cost.
I broke
and puffed a smoke, broke
and drowned my sorrows in a glass, broke
and went so high to sink so low, broke
and forgot who I was, broke
and kissed every boy I knew, broke
and tried to search for love anywhere I could.
Where now are your promises,
of strength?
I did
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Tulips and Onions by meganapostol Tulips and Onions :iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 6 0 stipling flowers by meganapostol stipling flowers :iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 1 0
Fragile globes drop
shattering into a cascade of shards.
They start one by one
warning of the impending assault
by flickering glimpses of pure clairvoyance.
The globes were supposed to meld with the rippling ocean
instead they stand out--
dark patches in swathes of blue waves
that envelope and suffocate the source of their pantomime-like ezxistence.
The trail blazes into a waterfall
The drops snowball into something
majestic, powerful, entrancing.
Buried under the fold of the azure currents is a miraculously dry hemline.
It is the plunge pool of possibilities --
a strip of virginal white lace
gleaming with opportunity,
screaming for the taint of humanity:
a magnet of perversion
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 2 0
The Sun
Kisses gently administered
with delicate blistering.
The labour of love is not lost on us.
Each peck
becomes a prick:
A searing howling admonishment
nourishing, crafting and twisting
against the nature of your precision.
God have exalted and revered you.
Still they attempted to tame your unknown.
A splendid tool --
cursed, used.
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 0 3
doubts of the faithful
I've owned up to the times
I've grown up with the lies
Heaven tell me if kingdom's coming
Or I'm waiting on nothing
I've stored up on blind faith
Memory's been erased
Praying to stop suffering
Nothing's happening
So tempt me
Sing to me gently
Silent demon with arms
Big enough to crush my heart
Poison my apple
Let me know what bliss will feel like
God, here I am
Screaming surrender
Admitting I'm just a lonely sinner
Scars on my back
Whips sound and crack
I'm saying please
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 1 5
I cried.
To what extent?
The tears I've shed turned to waterfalls.
Then I bled.
I am now a barren dry puddle.
Sand storms come and I cough them out trying to recite the same verses:
"I am fine. I will be fine"
Am I?
Will I?
Holding on to pillars of strength,
But pillars are only stone.
They too crumble back to the ground from whence they came.
The crackling is so audible now in the deafening silence.
I am cracking again,
I've been broken past weariness and exhaustion.
There is no room left for me to give in --
I have submitted unconditionally.
My ashes are molded back together with water.
Slowly, I spin back
But I am a new form.
Water trickles to where it used to be hollow.
Flowers start to bloom
:iconmeganapostol:meganapostol 0 8


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i love how little of you there is left here. failure is no longer a stranger to you; you are soul sisters
and i'm watching every bit of myself unravel and look beautiful, finally acceptable enough to love
by myself. not because of you
not by talking to you, not by
and only listening to you.
saying, "fuck you," never really
felt as good as pulling away
goodnight, you little shit.
:iconyour-methamphetamine:your-methamphetamine 8 4
She reads poetry in her pajamas
And laughs when there is no joke
She runs away from the rain
And dances in cigarette smoke
Pictures never capture
The whisps of silver hair
Surrounding her face
And following her everywhere
She never dreams when she sleeps
Only when she's holding booze
She drives around in the prairie hills
With a childish smile
After all, what has she got to lose?
:iconaravelle:Aravelle 158 43
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meganapostol's Profile Picture
Ithanaelia Seran
Artist | Student | Literature
I am currently a student, a singer-songwriter, and an aspiring poet. I play the guitar, am told can sing moderately well and still have some of my weird habits intact.

I enjoy physical reading and writing way more than I ever will enjoy reading an online book because I like how solid and real the book feels in my hands, the musty smell of the pages be they freshly printed and bought or the really old type of pages that are yellowing and threatening to crumble in my fingers

I appreciate and enjoy all forms of art
but I express myself better with words

fun fact about me? my best work is produced at the worst times

I used to have my life figured out. Now, I don't know what I want anymore.

If a serial killer is reading this, I just wanna say
that goes for terrorists too :D

I believe in romance, living and moving forward. Fair warning to everyone that I am spontaneous, crazy and erratic. I'm a Libra so I'm airy and flighty and slightly emotional. I apologize if I hurt anyone in advance, but seriously, it's just the way I am.

I'm a debater and I love what I do. I love being 3rd Speaker and I love my team. I love the Literary and Debating Society and I love my Juniors :)

Give me a reason to update my blog! please! cause I'm uber lazy to log in and type stuff


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